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In the Land

I wake up in the am hours,

Thoughts flashing in my mind,

Of how mankind has disintegrated,

Mutilated and now demonstrates

The ugliness of being.

Hands of time turn counter clockwise,

Our existing shifting before our eyes,

Old wounds re-opening,

Hope fading,

Civility becoming a thing of the past.

We are told, “We Can,”

Our governing bodies say we can’t.

We vote them in anyway,

Despite what they say.

But operating in hate never pays.

In this land the goal is to destroy us,

Considering a small percentage,

Worthy to represent us.

Not giving a damn about us.

They aim to proclaim power over us,

What just cause do they have for hating us?

Killing us?

They say,

Generations grow weaker and wiser.


Grievous cries in midnight hours.

Lying in wait as they devour,

Our dreams and passions,


Where is the wisdom now?

We stand still to watch it happening,

And don’t know what to do.

An agenda once hidden.

The wolf sheds sheep’s clothing,


Laughing at its boldness too.

We are at the center if this tug of war.

No winners to be found,

Casualties left behind.

The freedoms of our time.

Living in excess excluding the rest.

This way of thinking,

Is the reason for living,

In a land no longer giving.


Drawing the Line

There is a fine line between love and hate.
Between wellbeing and pestilence.
Good and evil…

Where do you draw the line?

I received mixed reactions to this statement, so here is my reply…

Sometimes a viewpoint can be askew due ones desire to be set apart from…or to not adopt the precept of another outside of ones grouping, be it ethnicity, sex, religion, logistics or otherwise. When we look at words, we must look at the truth of the meaning as it is globally and not corner it into…or by way giving power unto an inadequate source.

Lets take a look at creation as we know it. In creation there are opposites; male and female, good and bad, light and dark, hot and cold, left and right, up and down, inside and out and so on. In order to achieve balance there must be opposites. One cannot stand alone as an “only child,” less it be unidentified and if unidentified how can we justify it’s existence? How would we no love if we did not know hate? How would we know good if we did not know evil? How would we know direction if there were no left and right or up and down? How would we know days, years or any measure of time if we did not have day and night? How would we be here if there were no man and woman? In all things there is a cause and effect. And with all things in human nature the lines are drawn, but can be easily crossed…it is just a matter of ones perception of what they see as a truth or not.

In terms of my statement, “There is a fine line between love and hate,” it stands true. There are instances where one can love something or someone so much that they develop hate for another. So my question is where does one draw the line. Do you love in all instances or do you choose to find reason to hate within the loves you have? There is always a beginning and an end…a this or a that. So my friends it is not to give western society the blame or fame for this cornerstone remark. It is simply a reflection of a perception of that which is.

In stating this, my point is simple…a proverbial line exists and we need to recognize it and think about where we are on that line…why we feel the way we feel and do the things that we do.

“The root to freedom is knowing ones truth beyond the scope of damaged perception.”

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