You Are Not Alone

4 responses to “You Are Not Alone”

  1. Juli Richter says :

    I am on the spectrum, too. Diagnosed 2 years ago, late at 37. I am not a poem type person but I read yours and I like them very much. I am lonely at times, I am happy about writing to people. Maybe we have something in common…?

    • Autismslove says :

      Hi Juli, Thank you for liking my blog, a few pages and one of my poems. I am so glad that you like what you’ve read.

      I am always happy to meet another spectrumite. I don’t do to much in the way of talking to friends accept through facebook. I have only a very few friends that I will talk to on the phone. Do you have a facebook. Perhaps we could be friends if you like and then we could chat a little there.

      I do not experience loneliness much. I enjoy being alone as much as possible. Who knows, we may have something in common other than being on the spectrum.

  2. Juli Richter says :

    Hi, I am very glad about your email. I was looking for your name somewhere but I could not find it. I have read by now quiet a few of your poems and they are full of emotion even though you wrote somewhere that your words seem ‘sterile’ and that you get overwhelmed by what other people are writing about themselves with ease. I am not very good in writing about myself, too. Who am I? That questions is one that I can’t really answer for myself although I have learned by copying from others. No identity somehow or it’s not something that I can define by myself …?

    My facebook is: but I am not sure if you will find me there. But you may see me among the people liking your facebook page?

    It would be more ‘safe’ to write on FB, or you have my email address, too: which keeps it more private, too. Or LinkedIn:

    My blog is:

    I like writing and I am a regular to it, happy to receive and answer often…:)

    The phone is not my favorite either. I hardly answer and feel seldom in the mood calling someone. Mostly I don’t use it! It’s like something keeps me away from it. A strange heavy feeling…

    It’s late and I am going to bed now but I am happy about news tomorrow or any day :).

    Take care of yourself


    P.S. I am not lonely at the moment but it’s a feeling that appears every so often when I realize that friends are very scarce as I prefer, too most of the time to be on my own. One day a week of socializing feels enough… But I have three cats, a dog and a someone who minds me.

    • Autismslove says :

      Hi again,

      I saw where you liked my page. Thank you very much. I did visit your page, but it was not set up where I could send you a friend request. Lovely nature photos. I’m particularly fond on the little turtle. I had a land tortoise for 36 years and miss him dearly. I will forever be partial to turtles. 🙂

      I will send you my email address. I look forward to reading your blog and thank you again for reading mine.

      Take care and have a lovely evening.

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