A Word To Myself

There are times when I feel strong.

There are times when failure is my only companion.

No matter what life throws my way I will continue to fight the good fight.


6 responses to “A Word To Myself”

  1. Autism Mom says :

    Perfectly said!

  2. jghemlock says :

    No matter what you do…DO NOT GIVE UP!
    Later down the road…you will look back and see AMAZING GREAT things that transpired within yourself and your life.
    Suffering produces perseverance and great character!

    • Autismslove says :

      Thank you so much for you kind words of encouragement.

      • jghemlock says :

        I speak from life looooong experience…and I promise you that you will see His Glory. Those with the greatest suffering have the greatest purpose. Don’t ever give up! Never!! o:)

      • Autismslove says :

        I knew you understood. Your words are well received. I am aware that His Glory is at hand. He constantly acknowledges His presence and pours out his love and tender mercies over me. I am grateful!

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